We'd like nothing better than to be recognized as non-denominational! We want to be known simply as Christians, just ordinary disciples of Jesus Christ. As in all things we seek to retain the divine language of the Bible, therefore for identification in a divided religious world we use church of Christ. Our voluntary fellowship is not limited to any generation, race or nation. We want so much to duplicate the church that Jesus established in the first century.

We're determined to have Jesus as Lord! Respecting His Lordship we reject anything that is added to or taken away from His teachings. We encourage each person to examine the Scriptures daily to see if what they're being taught is so.

We're determined to go back beyond the widespread sectarianism of today and let the Bible be our perfect pattern to restore in our day the church of Jesus Christ. We hope this will lead you to want to know us better and that you will come and see for yourself. We would like very much to meet you and to be of service where possible! Why not bring the whole family?